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I have posted elsewhere (together with one other community poster) about issues that have arisen in my home network, following a SIRO installation, where Kasa smart plugs which worked with the Kasa app and integrated happily with Amazon Alexa when I had a B528 mobile broadband router, suddenly began to display local only messages and were unresponsive to Alexa commands.


In the course of trying to find a solution to this problem, I have given all my Kasa plugs fixed IP addresses and turned off the Gigabox firewall, all to no avail. However, giving a single Kasa plug a fixed IP in DHCP reservation and putting the same plug in the DMZ appears to have allowed that particular device to stop showing local only messages and to respond predictably to Amazon Alexa voice commands.


I'm confused by this and have the following questions:


1. Why does the DMZ appear to allow a devicewith a fixed IP address unfettered internet access when disabling the Gigabox firewall does not achieve the same result?


2. That being the case why is it that only one device can be added to the DMZ at a time?


3. Why is it when a TP LInk Kasa technical expert concluded in the course of a prolonged session with him, doing all the things I've outlined above plus changing the channels for my 2.4 and 5GHz frequencies, that "the problem lies with your home network configuration and router" that no-one from Vodafone technical support seems to have any idea what it is about the Gigabox that specifically disables the ability of Kasa smart plugs to communicate predictably with Amazon's Alexa servers?


4. As SIRO users grow in number and more of them experience incompatibility issues between the Gigabox router and the smart things in their home, in which they will have invested significant sums of money, is it not reasonable to expect Vodafone's technical team to take these problems seriously, investigate them and find a solution before the volume of frustrated users grows exponentially, as it inevitably will, to the detriment of SIRO's reputation which, in most other respects, is untarnished. 

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