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This morning I received a text from Vodafone telling me of an offer, exclusive to My Vodafone App users, where I could avail of €5 extra credit if I topped up by €20.

I called Customer Service, telling them I can't use the App, because my phone is Android 5.1.1, only to be told my phone is the problem, that the App works perfectly on all Android phones. I was told to get my phone checked out, and my sim too. I made the journey to a Vodafone store, where my phone and sim were checked out, and found to have nothing wrong. The sales assistant downloaded the App, and it didn't work. The assistant said it would be reported. That's it!

The phone is new, I bought it from Vodafone the end of November last. I said to the sales assistant, "How lucky the My Vodafone App users must be, as they get offers that the rest of us will never get". I also said "Had I known about this last November, I would never have purchased an Android 5.1.1 phone, but no one in the Vodafone store said anything about it".

I feel I have been conned. Everyone in Vodafone are still saying how sorry they are, but that it's "still my phone that's the problem". It's a Samsung J3 2016, and it's three months old. I look after it impeccably.

But they keep throwing a fault that lies squarley with them, back on the user.

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Who Me Too'd this topic