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iPhone 8 256 silver upgrade issues

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Hi there, 

I've had upgrade issues going back to August, an iPhone 8plus phone that didn't work, got lost in the return process, turned up again, many work hours lost to sorting it.  Last week I finally got my upgrade approved, put an order in for iPhone 8 instead over the phone, heard no more, queried it yesterday, was told the order 'didn't process;, in fairness they gave me 50 euro credit without my asking, went through the process again, got a call this morning to say this phone is not in stock anymore and suggested I try the stores. I CAN'T. I've got exams. Deadlines. And no store will answer the phone. Can you help please?  I'm holding out for this exact phone, I'm a long time loyal red connect bill pay customer.

But just about on the point of switching networks.  

Please can you check stock in some Dublin stores like Dundrum or D1, 2, or wherever. If I know the phone is there, I'll go today.  

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UPDATE.  So happy to say my phone upgrade is sorted.  Niall in the Vodafone shop in Grafton St helped me tremendously.  After more of my own phone research, I opted for the iPhone 7 128 gbs, and I'm delighted.  

Right through this horrible process, the phone reps were so kind, always. My issue was never with Vodafone staff, it was more about how up the food chain as such the links of communication were broken.  That meant that given a brand new faulty phone somehow became the customers problem, not Vodafone in that there was a lot of running around.  For my part, having ordered the original faulty model over the phone, I hesitated in posting it back, took it to a shop and it all went pear shaped.  

Anyway, thanks Niall - courteous, calm, and so on the ball in terms of phone guidance.  

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Hi Deirdre,


Were delighted to hear you had your issue resolved in store, I will pass your lovely feedback on to Niall Smiley Happy


In relation to the issues and delays that you've experienced here, we will bring this to the attention of the relevant teams and ask for this to be reviewed internally.


We're really sorry for any inconvenience caused.




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