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Hi, I want to unlock my iphone but I dont meet the requirements as I havent spent the required minimum amount on top ups this year.  What do I do?  I am happy to pay but I need to use my phone in the UK asap

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Community Expert
There's not a lot you can do if the T&C's are not being met to qualify for an unlock I'm afraid.

You need to top up by the missing amount in order to qualify.
Vodafone Community Expert (or so I'm told) and S9 owner. I don't work for Vodafone
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OK thanks for taking the time to reply.

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Hi there,


I'm afraid cookie is correct, if you would like to submit a request to unlock your handset, you would be required to meet the minimum spend criteria.


If there's anything else we can do for you here, please get in touch.




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