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change to a nano sim to use a new phone

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Hi there,


I want to change to a nano sim to use a new phone. Vodafone rep on phone said I could order the new sim online and get it by post as I have no access to a vodafone shop due my disability. But when I went to find it online  I can't find it?

Can someone help me?


Thanks in advance

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Hi there,


Please PM us (via the link in my signature) your name and address, and we can send you one from here.




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Please include a link to your thread when sending these over - due to the volume of queries, PMs without a thread link will not be answered.
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Could you please let me know if an online activation of a nano sim card is possible? I used to have a device with a micro sim card which unfortunatly  got broken. The new phone I bought needs a nano sim card. 

I am abroad for a few months and would really appreciate being able to use my number.

Kind regards,


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Hi Edith,


No problem, can you send a private message with your number, address & DOB and a frequently dialled number, along with the SIM card number? The SIM card number is the number on the back of the SIM card that begins with 89353.


- Aoife

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