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Cant upgrade my phone for credit

my issue was still not sorted with the phone upgrade.
i got my phone from a vodafone store and asked the lady behind the desk if i am able to get credit if i keep my number, she said yes just log on the website.

i did and im getting an error when i try to upgrade for credit.

i tried to send a PM to one of the vodafone workers but was also getting errors when i send a PM.

so if someone could sort this out for me please.

i got all the information needed

error code
Please make sure your Vodafone IMEI number is correct and try again. IMEIs need to be valid and eligible for upgrade. If this error happens again it could be due to a temporary technical fault. Find out more about this issue. This has been logged as error PP-BP-40d - which tells us more about the problem.
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Re:Cant upgrade my phone for credit

im getting the same error when try to upgrade my phone.
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