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Nokia Handsets

Hi ,

I dont want to start a new topic about when is a certain handset coming out. But I was told by customer care in August that the Nokia E52 was coming and then told in September that the Nokia 6730 was coming. There is still no sign of these handsets..
Why can we be told by customer care that they are coming but they still dont appear in the announcments? I would be happy just to know that they are on they way even if I am not told a set date or price! My contract is up and other providers have at least 4 handsets I would like but I want to stick with Vodafone.

Why not have a "Coming Soon" section in the handsets page (like ?
We know the iPhone and Vodafone360 are "Coming Soon" so tell us what else is coming....soon.

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Re:Nokia Handsets

Just, do the switch to another service provider...?

VF have a habit of promising, and promising.... and promising.

I'm after the E52 also, and a VF store representative told me in person that it was coming out in early august, when the handset was released in July.

So im thinking someone should get off their *****, and start talking to their customers, or a few wee birds may fly else where :)

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Re:Nokia Handsets

Well I think things are starting to get better (ish!) with the addition of this forum...the mods do help a lot of people - but I agree they should be more open to customers about what they are testing and whats made it through testing, although this has been mentioned many times before.

My worry is that they feel that they have made people happy enough by getting the iPhone and developing 360 that they have announced enough not to worry about the rest of the customers who wont be buying iPhones!

Its obvious that some stock will be held back from release for the christmas market..would be nice to get a list though!
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Re:Nokia Handsets

I'm the same - looking for the E52 or maybe see what else is on the way.

To be honest, the only thing that is/was keeping me with Vodafone was that they have text notifications for emails - but that service has turned to **** over the last few months.

I'll give it another week or two and if we either get news on handsets coming soon, or they fix email notifications, I might stay with VF.
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