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Attempted to purchase phone via online shop on 23rd october. order appeared to go through. When checking tracking on Thursday . There was two order numbers . One of which was marked cancelled. I can only presume one was for the phone and a separate one was assigned to the nano sim. I "purchased"  a like new iphone costing €399.99 .  I attempted to resolve the issue with live chat service which resulted in dealing with two separate people. I received the nano sim card no sign of the phone. The first person I spoke to via live chat was a Monica .She first said dont worry you wil get your phone but then when I explained further that  I could see from account that there was two transaction listed and I presumed that from that the sim must have been given a different transaction umber (both same dates)  She kept insisting the phone had been delivered even though I explained that it had not and I had spoken to the post man as I was not home when he made the delivery which was only the sim card . Even within the package there was the dispatch note which clearly stated it was only the sim card within the package . But still she was insisting all she could see was that the phone was delivered. Our chat "got disconnected" as I was typing back a reply . All I know is that €399.99 has been taken from the joint back account I share with my wife and no phone to speak of and more or less accused of lying by a Vodafone employee. The second person I contacted via live chat was polite and promise to escalte the issue. I can of course send any documentaiton you need by PM. But this is really not good enough . The order went through on 23rd of October but the POS on my bank account is appearing as 25th Oct  so there must have been a delay. I can see from the info in the account that the order complete number does indeed match the order numbers on the dispatch note which aligns with the SIM . Really not impressed. Vodafone have €399.99 of our money we have no phone and was bascially accussed by an employee of Vodafone of lying 

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