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Ok, I have contacted Vodafone dozen times, since I've become a customer


Problem #1 - I CAN NOT login. Again. It has happen before. But this time, resetting password does not work. Every part of the website asks for a different information to login. Mobile number, customer number, email... None work. 


Problem #2 - Phone support. Apparently you guys updated your customer numbers AGAIN. And neither of my past two numbers work. And surprise, I do not have access to my bills because the online login DOES NOT WORK


Problem #3 - My bill is around 30 every month. This month it is 53. Why? For the EXPECTACULAR service I have been provided with?


Problem #4 - Internet speed is bellow average. I've lost hope on this one - Tech team offered a good support, but there's only so much they can do.



And now, I'm posting this here. You guys will come back with some jiberish about "we are sorry this wasn't up to our standards, our customers are the most special flower in the universe", ask me for more information, waste my time on stuff that is so BASIC that you shouldn't be allowed to call a product without providing those with consistency.


You have access to my email on the account of this forum. Use that, find me on your system, be proactive or something...


Obs. all the hate in this post goes towards the company, not the person in charge of replying it - I know you don't have anything to do with it, sorry. Just an annoying friday start...

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