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Cant do calls

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Dia duit - Hello - Glück Auf,


use most time my phone in Germany as Hotspot

So I have buyed over page


  • Data-Add-on


  • International Calls



With the Data/Hotspot I have no problem.

But apart from a call to the mailbox I can not make a call.

It was still possible some time ago.


Dataroaming via IE or automatic


I appreciate any approach of help




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Hope you're having a nice time.

Just to let you know that the international add on only works when you're at home, I'm really sorry about that.

What happens when you try to make a call?

- Aoife

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Hi Aoife,


the best time I have is in Ireland at weekend.


Germany is my work home and originally my native land.


But on the topic - He starts the dial process and then hang up.

Previously he used either the German or the Irish vodafone network properly.


Have found the prob.

The sequence of dial-up data into the German network was faulty for a short time

Now it works again.


Thanks for the answers



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Hi there,

Can you send a private message with your number, address, DOB and a link to this thread?


- Aoife

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