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hello there,

I am using iphone se with the latest iOS installed. When I arrived in France, after some sim cards swap, when I put Vodafone sim card back yo thr iphone I wasn’t able to use cellular data, receive continious error: “could not activate mobile data network”

the settings for APN under Mobile data> mobile data options are not available, I just haven’t this options as described “Mobile data network” so I cannot change or update APN settings at all.

tried to chat with customer care via myvodafone app, tried to reset network settings, reload the iphone, swapped sim card back to another phone (samsung galaxy, where everything worked, but when I insert sim card back to the iphone - no luck) - but no success at all. 

I’ve already had this problem in roaming a few years ago - at that time some of the technical staff remotely changed my simcard’s carrier profile settings - so I’ve just restarted my iphone and mobile data were active again. 


Please advise, how I can solve rhis problem. 


Thanks in advance, David

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Hi there,


Sorry to hear you're having problems with your mobile data.


If you private message (via the link in my signature) over the below info, I can look into this for you?


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