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Topped up by 20 euro. Not showing updated data increase of 1mb

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Products & Services FAQs


My Chat Extra plan was due for top up yesterday 4th Feb.  I didn't receive the usual reminder text but luckily I remembered it.  

I topped up by 20 euro.

I received a text thanking me for topping up but I did not receive the usual text telling me that my Chat Extra top up offer has been activated.  

When I check by texting 50233, it just says my Chat Extra offer is until 4th March, but there's no details regarding my data.

Can someone tell me if in fact I have received the extra 1mb of data plus my rollover from last month and is the problem just with the delivery of the text or have I not actually received the data at all.


Thank  you.



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Hi there,

Send a PM to one of the mods with the following and they can look into it for you:

Mobile Number
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Hi there,


Apologies for the delay in responding, if you could private message (via the link in my signature) over the info user10202215 has outlined in his post, I can look into this for you?




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