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Products & Services FAQs


My number and account have been deactivated

I want to get it sorted asap if possible?

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Community Expert

Mods wont be back until Tuesday to help out (Monday is a bank Holday).


Vodafone can reuse numbers per their T&C's. So i'f it's been too long the number may have be gone.

Numbers and SIM Card
You shall not have any proprietary rights whatsoever in any mobile phone number allocated to you by Vodafone. Vodafone reserves the right at any time to alter or replace a mobile phone number allocated to you or any other name, code or number whatsoever associated with the Service.

You may continue to receive Calls for a period of 8 months (or such other period as Vodafone may advise from time to time) following the date on which Call credit is last applied to your account.

If the equipment remains inactive or no call credit is applied for a period of 8 months or such other period as Vodafone may advise, all unused Call credit will be lost.


Try live chat. To use live chat click talk to us at the bottom of this page then choose whether you're on bill or pre pay. It should pop up then. Avoid chrome browser as it doesn't appear to play well with the links.

Vodafone Community Expert (or so I'm told) and S10 owner. I don't work for Vodafone
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Thanks it's would be just 1 weeks possibly. So hopefully.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there,

If you private message (via the link in my signature) over the below info, I can look into this for you?

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Date of birth:

Link to your thread or post:



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Please include a link to your thread when sending these over - due to the volume of queries, PMs without a thread link will not be answered.
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Hi, same problem with inactive SIM/account - can I PM you? Many thanks.

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