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Problem unlocking phone - left Vodafone network

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Hi there,


I switched network before realising that my phone was still locked to Vodafone. I submitted a NAC request on the 24th of Januray and have been been informed that I am €27 short of the €127 top up amount required. I am happy to pay this amount but am unsure how to do so. As my number is no longer with Vodafone, I am unable to login to My Vodafone or top up by this amount.  I am waiting on response on this particular query for a number of days and would be keen to get this issue resolved as soon as possible as I am traveling in a few days.


Any help on this woud be really appreciated.


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Hi there,

Send a PM to one of the mods with the following and they can look into it for you:

Mobile Number
Date of Birth
Link to this thread
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Great - Thanks!
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