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Interesting experience. My first month with Vodafone.

Products and Services FAQs

Products & Services FAQs


May 2019 - Someone from Vodafone rang me to propose The Super Offer.

- Unlimited calls, txts eny network, 20GB 4G internet. €20 topup every 28 days, €10 back. Great! They sent me the SIMcard.

My interlocutor assured me that my existing phone number and new SIMcard will be activated to Vodafone ONLY if I will install it in my mobile phone.

13 May 2019 - SIMcard arrived. As I was away I wasnt able to swap my LYCAMOBILE SIMcard in next 2 days.

13 May 2019, 5:18pm - My phone wasnt able to make or recieve any call. No internet access as well.

I got TXT from Vodafone: To facilitate your move to Vodafone you will only be able to recieve calls and txt messages for a short period. I wasnt able "to recieve calls and txt messages for a short period" at all.

Call to Vodafone Support, useless.

Im self employed. I had to come back earlier to activate my phone!!!

14 May 2019 - TXT message informed me that: "You now have... 100 any network minutes..." 100 minutes I will use in in a week time in my business!!! Where are promised "Unlimited calls" ?

22 May 2019 - TXT message: "Get 10 Euro free credit! Register within 1 month via app.... topup €20... recieve €10 immediately." 

I made it. 3 TXTs confirmed my €20 topup. But... Didnt see €20 on my mobile app at all. Than 2 TXTs informed me that after 8 days of my Plan my Current Plan is renewed!!! I just lost 20 days of my Plan already paid.

In first TXT infirmed me that I have 27GB in second 25GB, LOL.

BTW, Today 17 June... didnt see any €10 free credit!!!

Call to Vodafone Support, useless.

29 May 2019 - TXT from Vodafone: "... we would ask you about experience..." LOL

12 June 2019 - TXT from Vodafone: "Happy 1 month anniversary. To thank you ... we`ve given you €5 free credit... check your ballance... " didnt see any €5 on my acc at all. LOL

This is it.

In one month I lost €20 topup, didnt get promissed €10 and €5. Lost possibility to make calls week before end of plan, because of only 100 minutes to eny network insteed promised unlimited.

Now Im going to TESCO. €20 unlimited calls and texts to eny network, 4G intermet 20GB. They have this offer to end of this month, otherwise €25. I checked my self.


Thank You Vodafone for your service.


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