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How Long Can I Use My Phone Abroad?

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Products & Services FAQs


How long can I use my phone abroad on my current Chat Extra plan? I've been in Bulgaria since the beginning of January and will be here for 3 months at least. I can't find any info on this on A forum on the UK site suggests 2 months, but is a bit vague about it.

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Once you keep making calls/texts and topping it up within 8 months the number will remain active.

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Hi there,

If I were you, I'd consider signing up for a roaming plan. Otherwise, you may pay exorbitant rates. As the previous poster said, just continue to send texts and make calls. Make sure to top up at least once every 8 months so your mobile number is not recycled.
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Hi there,


Apologies for the delay in responding, we experienced a large volume of queries.


I can confirm that Vodafone Ireland does implement a fair usage policy when customers are roaming in Europe.


Terms & conditions - 2017 EU Roaming Regulation

Vodafone has enabled customers to use bill pay and pay as you go plan allowances when roaming in the EU. In accordance with EU regulation Vodafone may take action to prevent abusive or anomalous use of roaming services. In using Vodafone Ireland services you must be normally resident or have stable links entailing a frequent and substantial presence in the Republic of Ireland. 


Objective Indicators of Anomalous use: Vodafone will also monitor for other objective indicators of abusive or anomalous use such as establishing whether there is prevailing domestic consumption over roaming consumption or whether there is a prevailing domestic presence over a presence in another EU country. As a guide we will consider that your use or your presence is prevailing domestic if more than 50% of use or network connections are domestic within the period of measurement permitted under EU Regulation. 


EU Regulations - Fair use policy - Fair use policy - monitoring






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