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Calling 048 from pay as you go

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My package is top up by 20 euro and receive 15gb of internet plus unlimited texts for 28 days and keep all of my credit.

I use 15 euro of my credit to buy unlimited minutes for 30 days.

If I make a call from within Ireland to an 048 number, is this included in my unlimited minutes or do I have to pay from my remaining credit?

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Valued Poster
Hi there,

Unless the plan has international minutes, then calling 048 will use your remaining credit. If you plan to call international phone numbers, sign up for the Extra Top Up Offer. It comes with 100 international minutes. If you prefer, you can get a €5 add on that offers 100 international minutes. There are two €15 add ons also. One offers 400 international minutes and the other offers unlimited calls to any network.

I hope this works.
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