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Long story short, previous job gifted me the old phone number (own handset, sim card prepaid,Chat Extra - Unlimited any network mobile and landline calls + unlimited texts + 1GB internet for €20) and new job gave a new phone to use (sim included non Vodafone). I would still like to use old work number (many people know it and it's important for me as I freelance too) but I don't want to end up using three phones (personal, work old, work new). If I Call Divert from old work phone to new work phone would I still be charged 16 cents per call? Would I be correct in arguing that since it is an unlimited any network mobile and landline calls I should be able to use the calls ofered in the bundle?

Thank you. 

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Hi there,


Thanks for your message. While calls from your mobile are included within your plan, call divert is an extra feature that is charged outside of your plan. 




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