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€20 Credit Disappeared

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Products & Services FAQs

I topped up with €20 credit on 30/12/12 and discovered the credit was all gone the next day. I have not used thisan have mobile data switched off. It was a friend was telling me this had happened to a lot of people????
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Frequent Poster

same happened to me today, all 60euro credit have gone, although i do have the mobile internet turned on, i havnt used any youtube or any other streaming services while browsing on my phone which would used all of my broadband allowance, so vodafone, this was the last straw, if i wont get any explanation, i say F**CK OFF im mowing to THREE, at least they offer a mobile broadband all you can eat (i think its 15GB allowance, YES 15gb of MOBILE broadband), with free calls to ANY network and free text to ANY network for just a 20eur month

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Valued Poster

Three gives you good deals but the quality of service and speed of Internet don't match Vodafone and as for customer care its probably the worst I've ever encountered. The moderators will be able to look at your account and tell  you what happened to your credit.

The day of idiots is upon us!!!!
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Moderator (Retired)

Hi Guys,


Thanks for your posts and apologies for this. Can you pop me over the following details and I will check this out for you?

Mobile Number


Date of Birth

Link to this thread



I am no longer a forum moderator.
If you have any issues please contact Daz or Paul
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I've done that already, still waiting on reply
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Valued Poster
Hi there GavinT,

Colm will get back to you here or either by private message Smiley Happy he might re-credit you back if your credit just went for a unknown reason.

Sadiq Redmond,

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