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cancelled bill pay after 6 days

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Against my better judgment I allowed myself to be talked into switching to bill pay 7 days ago.  I was told I could cancel within 14 days if I wasn't happy.   I phoned 1907 yesterday to switch back to prepay.  I was put on hold a few times and eventually got to speak to someone, who told me he would send a request and when I got a message, to switch off and back on again, which I did.  I asked him about the credit I already had on my phone which was 18.44 which was to be taken off my first bill, if I stayed on bill pay.  The guy I spoke with assured me that my credit would be put back on my phone.  I checked my phone today and it is at zero credit.  I was also told yesterday that 1907 is a free number but when I tried 1747 today to get onto customer care, it said I had no credit.  I am really fed up, as I tried to go on live chat earlier and couldn't.  It seems like Vodafone make things very difficult for people to contact them and yet their representatives are quite pushy when they want to sell something themselves.  I would like my credit to be put back on my phone as soon as possible, please.





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Re: cancelled bill pay after 6 days

Hi Karen,


I'm sorry to hear this, generally our system would automatically credit our customers' accounts with any owed to up credit when they have switched to Pay as You Go from Bill Pay, it looks like the system may have missed you this time around. I have now applied the relevant top up to your account - €18.44, if you need anything else, please get in touch.




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