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calls are going straight to voicemail –

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I am  using work mobile and the calls are going straight to voicemail – it rings twice when i ring the number from desk phone but the mobile does not ring at all.


I reviewed all phone settings,  tried restarting the phone samsung s7 and  checked the signal but this has not resolved the problem



I would be grateful for some help here,


Many thanks



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Valued Poster
Hi there,
Send a PM to one of the mods with the following and they can look into it for you:

Mobile number
Date of Birth
Link to this thread
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Community Manager

Hi there,


Is this phone in a business name? If so, I would recommend contacting one of the company's authorised account contacts.

If it is in your own name, just send a private message with your number, address & DOB, along with a link to this thread so we can take a look.

- Aoife

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