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Unable to make and receive calls - iPhone 6

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I've been on a business trip to Lausanne  ( switzerland ) for the last 2 weeks. At the beginning I could make all the calls I wanted but for a few days now it is impossible.


I cannot make or receive any calls from anyone.

Whenever I try to make a call, there is a " bip bip bip" sound and then the call fails.


I've checked my Vodafone account, there was an unpaid bill because my credit card was expiring on december 2018 but i paid it over the weekend. There is no more standing bill, and the money has been received and still I'm having the issue.


I have followed several steps:

- turning phone on/off

- soft reset ( power button and home button at the same time )

- upating the phone to last OS

- checking the do not disturb options

- trying to change the network provider where I am here

- trying to put it on 3g instead of 4g


Note that I still can use the roaming internet though.



Can you please help me find out what might be the problem here ?

I'm abroad, it is very important that I have access to calls as you can imagine.






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Valued Poster
Hi there,

Contact live chat or send a PM to one of the mods with the following and they can look into it for you:

Mobile Number
Date of Birth
Link to this thread
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Hi Giles,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you and we're sorry to hear of the issue you're experiencing. Can you please send us a PM with the info in the above post so we can escalate this to our Tech team.



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