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Products & Services FAQs

I have been in the usa for the last week and I can't get roaming to work even though I was already onto support which said that I have roaming enacted. When I try to connect to a network I receive an android system notifaction asking me to sign into network which brings me to the Vodafone page and it's the only page I can access on line. This notifaction is denoted by three bars with a question mark at top left of phone . The only thing that gets rid of the notification is playing with the apn access settings which will remove it but won't allow me access to the internet . I have the correct Vodafone settings. I can connect to wifi and data roaming is turned on . Phone is samsung s9 . I feel the apn is preventing access but my partner with a s8 same plan and settings is working.
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Valued Poster

Did you sign up for a roaming plan? If not, go to the Vodafone app - > my account - > change my roaming plan and that hopefully will fix the issue. If not, you can contact live chat and see what they can do.
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Hi there,

Can you please PM the below info so we can look into this for you:
Mobile number-



What network is showing on your screen-

Is your data roaming switched on-




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Hi Danielle ,

I have not received a reply to the private mesaage I sent you . Today has been the first day my roaming has worked, apart from being in European Caribbean islands that worked like home. Yet I have been charged 5 days roaming and international airspace roaming. I was onto customer service twice to complain that my roaming didn't work and did a hard reset on my phone to see would that get me access and it didn't. Can you look into these charges as I had no access to data at any stage apart from being asked to log to into Vodafone home page by an android system notifaction.
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I have since been charged €146 including roaming I was unable to use and no reply to my messages . How long should I expect someone to look into this.
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Community Manager

Hi there,


Apologies for the delay. I see you have sent a DM, I will come back to you there.

- Aoife

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