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Roaming not working in USA & Non existant customer service

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First off let me just say that I am incredibly unhappy and frustrated with Vodafone over this issue. I travelled to the USA(New York) on Saturday Morning(01 Dec 2018). The evening before my partner called vodafone to confirm that all was OK with my roaming set-up and also that international calls were not barred. The roaming was confirmed to be set up correctly by the vodafone rep. But my partner was concerned that the rep did not fully understand by what was meant by international calls being allowed since he kept referring to price which is a roaming issue but we also wanted to make sure that international calls were allowed. I had confirmed authorisation for my partner to deal with this on the phone and before the call completed my partner explained that I would not be in the country tomorrow and if I got to the states and it was not working we wanted to ensure that Vodafone would deal with Barry and not again look for authorisation. We were told not to worry and that Barry would be dealt with.


Fast forward twelve hours and of course it does not work with an "Emergency Calls Only" message being all that I have here in the states. I contacted Barry via WhatsApp to get in touch with Vodafone and of course would'nt you know it, they would not deal with him and also had no record of him speaking with them on it!!! I repeat no record of him having even spoke to them or of my having authorised him after a long call on the matter less than 24 hours previous!!! We were also assured that notes relating to all of this were being added to the account in case something was not working. Barry explained that he did not want personal details and simply wanted someone to check the roaming side of things. They refused.


Therefore in summaton,  I am paying vodafone to provide me with a service. I am now in the states without said service and vodafones response is that they cannot and will not help even though we were assured multiple times that this would not happen and that they would help.  How can this be called customer service?


Finally before it is mentioned, roaming & data roaming is full enabled on my phone and the sim is in correctly. The network operator is set to auto acquire also.

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