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PayG prepaid simcard used in third party Huawei router

Products and Services FAQs

Products & Services FAQs

So im using a prepaid Vodafone simcard
Mostly to create a hotspot from my iPhone so I can use internet on various devices
Thing is where I live u can only get 2-3bars of 3G with u ...situation changes when I put my simcard to my wireless HUAWEI router.
Then I can get up to 3bars of 4G in the same location !

Problem is that as soon as I put my simcard to router it acting strange?!
Instead of using my data allowance dat I bought (8gb for 30topup) it jus ate all my credit?!?!?!
And when it hit zero balance I can’t connevt to internet no more despite still having active 8gb data allowance?

I think my router’s APN setting are all intact?

I want to know how I can make my simcard to use my data allowance instead of credit while using my router?
Since I paid for it and having in mind dat is capped at 8gb I don’t think it’s some kind of payg sim restriction is it?
As dat wud simply make no sense since I wudnt b able to use more than this small 8gb anyways?

If anyone knows how to solve my problem pls let me know
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Community Expert

There are different types of sim cards for different uses.


The mobile sim card you have uses data off the Vodafone Live APN - which is covered on Vodafone Billpay and Prepay plans.


Routers however do not tend to go through the Vodafone Live APN, and therefore you would be charged for the usage as out of bundle usage.


What you need here is to pick up a data sim from Vodafone. These are the sim cards that are used with their mobile wifi devices and are priced on the correct APN for their use.


It is not possible to use a SIM configured for a phone in a device that is not a phone without incurring these charges.


The same also applies in reverse. 


Hope that helps



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Thanks for prompt reply.
I jus make it to work using same very card.

If anyone having same issue as me here’s what I did.
-Connect to Huawei router thru browser
( by default)
-Go to connection management.

-Go to Profiles

-Add New profile
ProfileName:can b anythin u want..

-set newly created profile as active and default

Here you go...
your prepaid Vodafone PAYG Simcard will now use ur data allowance instead of your account’s credit for the your third party wireless router.

Not sure why Vodafone prepaid simcards have different profile preset for bb devices like routers...they using APN by default..while on your mobile Preset APN is
Having in mind dat normal Vodafone prepaid cards can’t get data allowance from any APN other than is like they wanted you to use up all ur credits in minutes..As router will work as normal with their default HS APN as long as your account balance hits zero..which won’t b long in 4G conditions..And it’s then when most people will discover they jus been robbed outta their credit while they been thinkin they re using their data allowance...

I feel Vodafone shud inform about those things better ...

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Hi there, 

Our apologies for the delay in responding to your query. We wish to advise you that if you are using a Prepay Sim in a Mobile Broadband device this will automatically connect to the HS APN. This will then use your credit instead of your plans allowance, as usage is not included in any of our Mobile phone top up offers. We also wish to advise you that if there is usage on the Hs APN this any charges associated to the usage would be valid.

However, if you purchase a Mobile Broadband add on instead of a Pay as you go plan this will provide you with a data allowance that can be used through the Hs APN and you will incur no extra charges. 


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