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1GB Mobile Internet package charges


I recently switched over from Pay as you go, to Vodafone Simply with the 1GB Mobile Internet package, I also bought a sim free HTC Desire. Last week when I got my bill I was shocked to see an additional 200+ euro charge over what my usual bill was. After talking with customer care I was told that the charges were because the phone was using the APN, which isn't covered by the 1GB Mobile Internet package, it seems when I upgraded the phone to Froyo it reverted to using the APN(it was previously set to the live APN). As this was a first time occurance support told me they'd apply for a good will gesture, to credit the account the charges, this has now been a week and I haven't heard anything from vodafone on the matter.

I've also changed from the 1GB Mobile Internet to the 1GB Monthly Mobile Data packages, as this supports both the and the live APNs. Is there any chance I could get some progress report as to whether I'm getting the good will gesture or not??

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