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vodafone rip off!

i recently checked my bill using vodafone phone service and it turned out to be 347 euro, while i accept that i owed 80 euro to vodafone, i insist that the rest of these charges be scrapped, i am currently in debt, on social welfare and i can not afford to pay an extra 247 euro for one weeks worth of internet use. it turns out that vodafone have a nice little earner for themselves, they fool innocent people into switching over to their mobile broadband and then when you can't access the website due to all the errors to check if your package has started they charge you a euro per bloody megabyte, resulting in a massive 267 euro bill that i cannot afford to pay. Worse yet is the fact that when you ring them up to explain the situation they tell you that there is nothing they can do about it, pay up! if they were a transparent company they would send you a text message telling you when you've gone over your data usage limit, don't be fooled they want you to fall into their little trap! i have decided to cancel my mobile broadband after this month is up, and i will ring and ask to speak to someone with a bit more authority tomorrow to see if they can perhaps accomodate a loyal customer. the whole reason i wanted to switch to vodafones mobile broadband was to save an extra 10 euro a month, if i had stayed with upc that weeks worth of internet would have covered the entire year with much faster speeds (25mb) and a 120gb download limit, if this is how vodafone treats their customers, you can count me out.
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Re:vodafone rip off!

A monthly data download allowance of 10 gigabytes (Gb) applies. Usage in excess of 10Gb per month will be charged at 2c (VAT Inc.) per megabyte.

just to point out its not a euro per mb and also if you go from cable to mobile internet you should be using a lot less internet
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