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VODAFONE Rip Off on upgrade

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Products & Services FAQs


I have been a loyal vodafone customer for 15 years. I have been on bill pay plans for a number of years. Last year I was on RED Connect €60 / month and I had to pay €100 upfront to get S7 phone. My contract ended today and I was given 2 options:

1) €60 RED CONNECT SIM + S8 plan for 24 months and pay €150 upfront, which would cost (60 x 24) + 150 = €1610 over 2 years.

2) €35 RED CONNECT SIM only plan for 12 months and buy S8 from Vodafone for €580. If I renewed this after year 1 then it would cost (35 x 12 x 2) + 580 = €1420 over 2 years.

The girl on phone said the €60 plan was great value as you get an S8 for €580, but this simply is not true. The difference between option 1 and 2 is €190, which means I am paying this extra €190 for the S8 for Option 1.

I can buy a new S8 handset for less than €500. What a RIPOFF !!





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Community Expert
The plan costs covers the cost of the phone and the plan you have. It's often cheaper to buy the phone out right but many people cant afford 500 up front. All networks operate the same way,.
Vodafone Community Expert (or so I'm told) and S10 owner. I don't work for Vodafone
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But other networks, such as Virgin Media, have the honesty to give you the breakdown between the SIM part (calls, texts and data download) and the phone payback. Vodafone do not. A few years ago I took out an 18 month SIM + phone contract and I completely forgot when the contract date was up and Vodafone did not send me any reminder and kept taking my direct debit every month for the full amount for up to nearly a year. When I finally remembered and contacted them and asked for refund for the extra money they took for the phone payback they refused. They made the bull **** excuse that they didn't know the breakdown between phone and SIM. Total deception, dishonesty and downright stealing if you ask me. That's like me taking out a loan for a car for 4 years and the bank or credit union kept taking the direct debit after the 4 years, no way would they get away with this.
Why doesn't Vodafone have the decency to send a reminder to you a day before your contract is up so you can make a new deal or whatever. But yet they wouldn't be long sending you a reminder if you didn't make your monthly payment....
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Community Manager

Hi there,


Thanks for your post. When you upgrade or take out a new contract, you're receiving a phone at a heavily subsidised price in exchange for a bill pay contract term. Some people prefer to purchase the phone outright and for that option we have SIM only billpay or PAYG plans. 


In terms of the contract ending, when your contract ends, you stay on billpay on a month to month rolling basis. The reason for this is that more often than not, people will want to retain services so we keep the service as is (i.e still on billpay) until it has been requested otherwise. A billpay contract differs to a bank or Credit Union loan, as once the loan has been cleared, it's purpose has been served. However, with billpay, people will still require phone services, so it's for this reason things are left as they are until a customer asks us to cancel/ move to PAYG, etc. If you're opted into marketing communications, callbacks when out of contract are a possibility


- Aoife

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