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Sky Sports on Red Connect Plan

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I've been on Red Connect Plan for 11 months into a 24 month contract.

I picked this for specifically for the Sky Sports live service and the handset upgrade that went with it to enable viewing. ( Option was Sky Sports or Spotify ) 

Great facility to watch live Premiership matches while out and about.


All fine until last week when I got an error message 

"Subscription not found. Sorry this channel is not available as part of your Vodafone subscription. Please contact Vodafone for more information. Error Code 9003"


I called to Carphone Warehouse who contacted Vodafone and were informed package has been changed and I no longer have access to the key Sky "live" channels but still have to five others that are frankly of no use.


I had access to all channels for 11 months and consider this cessation / down grading of service to be a breach of contract.


Please revert.   

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Hi there,


Can you send a private message with your mobile number, address & DOB along with a link to this thread so we can take a look into this for you?


- Aoife

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