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I placed an order on Tuesday night for an iPhone 8 as a new bill pay customer. The delivery address was recorded on the confirmation as the billing address, instead of the address I had entered. I spent an hour making calls yesterday and was eventually told that the address cannot be changed by anyone within Vodafone, or by any of your vendor companies (which is a little difficult to understand) nor could the order be cancelled.


The solution I was given was that An Post are to attempt to deliver the phone (to an address that I cannot be at during the working day) and when they inevitably fail to deliver it, they will return it to the warehouse and my order will be cancelled.


When I asked about my request (made with my order) to port my number to Vodafone this Sunday morning, the customer service rep said she could not tell me anything about this and did not know what would happen. She offered to speak with the porting department and call me back but I haven't received any call as of yet (this was 10am yesterday).

My order is still listed as "processing" on the tracking page.

I just want a phone and to sign up to your network (ie pay you a reasonable chunk of money each month). Can somepne please contact me directly to resolve this shambles?


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Hi there,


Unfortunately, once an online order has been submitted, we would be unable to amend the details provided on your order form. I'm really sorry about that.

I'm really sorry to hear that my colleagues have not yet contacted you with an update on your port request. if you could private message (via the link in my signature) over your mobile number along with the link to your thread / post, I can chase this up for you with our porting team?




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