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I’m getting error while browsing the internet on my phone, what can I do?

This is an age restriction on your mobile number – as some sites are not suitable for younger users, there is a filtering system in place to protect them.

To remove this restriction, just pop up a post here, and a moderator can facilitate this for you.


I am having issues with caller ID, what do I do?

Just pop up a reply via this link, and we'll get you fixed up. 


I need to remove the network lock from my phone, how do I do this?

Just follow this link, and submit the relevant details (some browsers may not support this link, Firefox and the latest versions of Internet Explorer will display correctly) - some handsets may already be unlocked, so it’s worth trying a different operators SIM card before submitting this form.

If the unlock seems to be taking longer than expected, just pop up a post here, and a moderator will follow up for you.

As the handsets are heavily subsidised by us, there are some criteria to meet, and these are detailed at the bottom of this link (under the 'error message' section).

Learn all about our new forum, right here .
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