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Cancel contract because deeply unsatisfied with customer service

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I am appalled at how virtually impossible it is to speak to anyone in Vodafone. I can't find out why my bills are so high. I can't speak to an agent (or only when I'm at work, which is no good to me). I want to cancel my contract immediately on the grounds that the company has failed to honour any commitment made online to allow communication with customers, and to offer ways to keep my billing to the original costs, by, for instance, blocking the capacity for calls after the relevant amount has been spent. I feel angry at my treatment. I have tried to chat online but each time the operators are busy. There is no email address to submit a complaint. I went into the shop in Bray and they told me I could only get help online with my account. Since this is not the case, I feel Vodafone has breached its contract to me which nullifies my commitment to it. Please help. It is also almost impossible to move easily around this site, almost as though they deliberately make it as difficult as possible to post anything. I am deeply unimpressed. I think there's something very wrong, at least morally, if not legally, about how this operates, since the entire focus is on profit, with no consideration of the rights of customers. 

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Community Expert

This is the formal complaints process to be followed:

There is no email to contact.

Vodafone Community Expert (or so I'm told) and S10 owner. I don't work for Vodafone
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Thanks. It was because I couldn't access Live Chat, which is in fact the only communication option available, that I took the trouble to post here. I'm onto Live Chat now. I'll see what happens. I won't hold my breath. I still think that the service is inadequate as a communications medium, given the options of email, post and call are unavailable. This seriously limits how much communication can take place, on top of which, I went into the shop and they said that they could not help with my account either. Thanks again. 

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Thanks for this link to a complaints process. It is a link to Live Chat, as the first option, as far as I can understand. The Live Chat person has just asked me to access my account online. I can do this but there are no details online so this is not helpful. I hope you can understand my frustration. 

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Thank you. I've escalated this after a Live Chat. I appreciate your help very much. 

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Community Manager

Hi there,


We'll take a look into your query, can you send your number, address & DOB and a link to your thread?


- Aoife

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