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Evening VF 



Hope you can help - 


the other day i messaged on here i wanted to go to pay as you go as coming to the end of my contract - i recvied a  call from VF regarding this and durning the call i agreed to stay for another 24 month contract on a lower tariff 60 per month and a new phone, all good so far - 


12th july i recived a email regarding this with the correct tariff 60 per month but did not mention the cost of the phone but as the call was recorded i was not really concerned - 


Today 16th july i  recived another email from VF saying thank you for staying with VF and went on to say you are staying on your current tariff - 80 per month - and the cost of the phone which was not correct - 


I went on live chat but they just told me to call direct, not sure why but i called anyway, when on the phone to vf the agent would not give me a straight answer as to what tarriff i was going on or the cost of the phone so i said i had big concerns about this order being correct and did not want to get in to a battle trying to sort this out so i just asked to cancel the order in full as i have not recived the phone and the new contract had not started and iwas with in my rights to do so - they agent became a little annoyed with me and just said "well to cancel you need to send back the phone" i explained i dont have the phone and dont even know when it will be arriving ! at this point i was told to call SALES as they sold it they will need to cancel it ! i did not see the point in carrying on the conversation as felt i was getting nowhere - 


Anyway you guys on here seem to always get things sorted correctly as i have dealt with yourselfs over the last 6 years please can you cancel the upgraqde in FULL as now dont want to sign a new contract or an upgraded phone  - also please can you cancel the insurance and also put me on pay as you go....... 


Best Regards 



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Hi John,


We have sent you a PM.


Kind regards,


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Hi Liam

thank you for all your help today - really appreciate everything - amazing help you have provided

happy to stay for another couple of years -


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