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Being charged for Spotify when it should be free

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Hi there,

I was originally on red connect simo and had the Spotify paid add on. In aug I switched to another plan that has Spotify for free. I have been charged last month for Spotify and it looks like I am being charged again this month.

I was not informed that I would have to cancel my sub for Spotify with u and then resub again with u. I have been unable to make any changes to my plan for a while now as the plan change was “pending”. Now when I go into my account it says I have no chargeable add ons but my bill says otherwise.

I assumed the plan change would be seamless .

The agent said they would credit me for last months Spotify premium that I was charged. He then advised I was to click a link he text to me on my phone over cellular data to cancel my sub.

When I do this I get “we encountered a problem/error” message. This is when over 4g not Wi-Fi. Please can this be sorted as soon as possible.

Many Thanks
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Hi there,


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