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Forum Terms And Conditions [Updated 18/09/12]

Products and Services FAQs

Products & Services FAQs

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Terms of Service


Vodafone eForum Terms & Conditions

The Vodafone eForum is owned and operated by Vodafone Ireland Limited (“we”, “our” or “us”). Any reference to "you" and "yours" refers to you, the user of the Vodafone eForum. By using the Vodafone eForum you agree to use and browse the Vodafone eForum as permitted by theVodafone website terms and conditions as supplemented by these additional terms and conditions and our privacy policy (together these “Terms”).

Getting started

Before you can view and contribute to discussions on the Vodafone eForum you’ll need to set up a user name, accept these Terms and provide us with a valid email address as a point of contact. 

You must be at least 14 years old to use the Vodafone eForum. If you are between 14 and 18 please ensure that you have parental consent to your activities on the Vodafone eForum.

Your Username 

Your username must not include any Vodafone names or marks or seek to impersonate any employee of Vodafone or any of its group companies. You are responsible for the content or actions associated with your username.

Your Pictures


From time to time Vodafone may allow you to upload a picture, photograph or some other image as part of your eForum profile (“Profile Picture”). Please note that Vodafone will not be responsible or liable to you if we delete all or part of your Profile Picture at any time and without notice to you. You are advised to always keep a back-up copy of your Profile Picture.


Your Use of the Vodafone eForum

The Vodafone eForum provides an area for you to discuss your Vodafone mobile device and related services, as well as off topic matters in the relevant forum section. As the Vodafone eForum team is unable to view your mobile phone account details, the eForum is not suitable for specific account questions. Should you require help or have specific queries or comments concerning your account please contact our Customer Services in the usual way. 

You are responsible at all times for your username, Profile Picture and the information and other content you post on the Vodafone eForum (the “Content”) You warrant that you own all the intellectual property rights in and have all necessary permissions to post your Content. You grant us a perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, world-wide licence to reproduce, transfer, license, modify, adapt and/or publish any Content posted by you on the Vodafone eForum. 

You read and post Content on the Vodafone eForum entirely at your own risk. We cannot be held responsible for and do not actively control, monitor or endorse any Content from members of the public which is uploaded to or published on the Vodafone eForum. We do not generally (and are not required to) monitor or edit the ways in which you or others use the Vodafone eForum including the content which is placed on it. However, we reserve the right to condense, edit, bar or remove any Content, in whole or part, on the Vodafone eForum at any time as we believe, in our sole discretion, to be necessary in order to, amongst other things:

- prevent any breach or continued breach of these Terms or any breach of applicable laws or regulations; 

- remove any inappropriate “off-topic” posts made by you at any time.

- reduce or remove threads where there are existing threads of the same or similar content subject matter;

- point users to a thread enabling the user to subscribe to updates related to the content (whether such updates are available or may be available in the future);

- remove posts that do not add value to the content subject matter in question; or

- remove posts that contain Content relating to a specific query over your Vodafone account.

Although we may periodically remove outdated Content on the Vodafone eForum, you acknowledge and agree that the information provided by the Vodafone eForum team is correct at the time it was published and may therefore change over time. You are advised to always check the date of the thread and its content and continuously check the Vodafone eForum for any updates that may be available concerning the content subject matter.

What you must not do

You may not use the Vodafone eForum:

- to advertise or offer to sell any goods or services for any commercial purpose without our express prior approval;

- to distribute, receive, access or transmit any Content which is obscene, pornographic, threatening, racist, sexist, inappropriate, menacing, offensive, defamatory, in breach of confidence or privacy, in breach of any intellectual property right (including copyright) or otherwise unlawful or, in our opinion, objectionable;

- to distribute electronic Content (including viruses) which shall cause or are likely to cause detriment or harm, in any degree, to computer systems or post information, URLs, or links to websites or servers that may contain such content. 

- to make excessive traffic demands, deliver or forward chain letters, "junk mail" or "spam" of any kind, surveys, contests, pyramid schemes or otherwise engage in any other behaviour intended to restrict or inhibit other users from using and enjoying the Vodafone eForum or which is otherwise likely to damage or destroy our reputation or the reputation of any third party;

- to post duplicate threads. If a thread already exists that relates to the same Content, you must use that thread;

- to post Content relating to your Vodafone account.


If at any time you feel threatened by another member of the Vodafone eForum, believe their use or posting is in breach of these Terms or if you’ve received a message that makes you feel uncomfortable through the use of the Vodafone eForum, it’s important for you to report this to us. We take this type of activity seriously and will make every effort to deal with all instances that are reported to us.

To report any kind of abuse, please use the “Contact Us” button at the very top of the Vodafone eForum. 

Keeping your information private

The personal and contact information you provide when registering for the Vodafone eForum is stored in a secure location that is used for login information. Your email address is used to send you system emails, like your registration confirmation and password reminders, updates about changes made to this service including any notices that we may need to send you regarding your use of the Vodafone eForum. Please be assured that we will not use your email address for marketing purposes unless you have otherwise agreed to this. All other usage of your personal information is governed by Vodafone’s privacy policy which forms part of these Terms. 

Do not post any personal information including, without limitation, mobile phone account information on the Vodafone eForum. Vodafone will never request your personal contact details or account information through the Vodafone eForum. If you have queries about your Vodafone mobile telephone account that requires the disclosure of personal or account information, please contact our Customer Services in the usual way. To find out how to get in touch, and click on ‘Contact Us’. 


We reserve the right to edit, modify, suspend, terminate or remove the Vodafone eForum including its contents (which may include you Content) at any time, without notice to you and for any reason and this may include without limitation terminating your access to the Vodafone eForum following any breach of any of these Terms by you. We will not provide you with a copy of any Content that you may have uploaded onto the eForum and you are reminded to ensure that you have (where permitted) a copy of the Content saved elsewhere.

We reserve the right to revise these Terms at any time and any revised terms shall become effective two weeks after being posted on the Vodafone eForum .

In the event of any conflict between the Vodafone terms and conditions, for Vodafone Services these terms and conditions these terms and conditions shall prevail. These Terms are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Ireland

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