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Vodafone Gigabox and Amazon Alexa integration

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Until 3 days ago, my home network was based around a mobile broadband Vodafone Gigacube which serviced 14 TPLink smart plugs in the house and an assortment of other wireless devices, including three Amazon Echo devices. I was able to control the smart plugs either with theTPLink Kasa app on my phone, or by voice using Alexa.


4 days ago, I had the Vodafone Gigabit 150 fibre installation which replaced the Gigacube with a Gigabox. The connection from the fibre to the home installation is impressively fast and stable.


I spent most of a day going round my home and connecting all my wireless devices, including the smart plugs, to my new network. I split the 2.4 and 5Ghz frequencies and turned off band steering so that I was able to identify and choose which of my devices could and would connect to 2.4Ghz and which would connect to 5Ghz and to make the wireless connections as evenly distributed as I was able to.


By the end of the day everything appeared to be up and running until I tried to use an Amazon Alexa device to turn a smart plug on or off, only to be told by Alexa that the device was unresponsive. This situation has repeated itself frequently and unpredictably since then affecting one, more or all smart plugs. Strangely, after an interval, Alexa will re-discover some or all of the plugs and they will respond to Alexa voice commands again for a time before the process randomly repeats itself. Meantime, all the Alexa unresponsive plugs remain connected to wifi and able to be controlled using the Kasa app on my phone.


I'm at a loss to explain or rectify the situation. So far, I have changed the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz channels from automatic to 9 and 36 respectively and if this proves ineffective, I'm wondering if turning off the Gigabox firewall would help.


Has anyone had a similar problem with the integration of Amazon Alexa enabled devices and a Gigabox network? If so, did they identify a solution?


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Hi there, 

Apologies for the delay in responding to your query. This sounds like it may be an issue between the smart plugs and Alexa. Unfortunately we are unable to assist with third party devices. We will leave this thread open in-case other users may have any advise on this for you. ~Ailís

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