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Sure Signal Not Working - Not getting any help over phone

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My sure signal box which I purchased a year ago (& which has 2 year warranty) has stopped working.
I have done resets, rebooted etc - all the things Vodafone technical support told me to do.
The first agent I spoke to never did anything every though they were supposed to send it to relevant dept. I rang again following day & was transferred to several different delta & nobody wanted to help or look into it. Had to call again And that agent logged the problem & told me I would be contacted back before end of today & that was definitely going to happen as Vodafone only had this time to get back as per their policy.
Surprisingly no call today - just chatted with webchat who were completely useless - apparently the issue has been escalated and he escalated again (twice?) over the web chat.
I doubt I’m going to hear back from anyone and it’s very frustrating.
Nothing has changed in my house - internet is strong etc - didn’t change phones.
The unit can’t be replaced as they are not available - so what are my options.
I have NO service without it - I had full service when it worked for the last year and it’s the only reason I’m with Vodafone - I will be looking for a full refund and to leave Vodafone -

Can I do this over the phone to a ‘dedicated’ team or do I have to call into a shop.

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Hi there,


Sorry to hear you're having such trouble with your Sure Signal device. If you private message (via the link in my signature) over the below info, I can look into this for you?


Contact number (this is number that our tech team will contact you on if troubleshooting is required):
Mobile numbers registered:
Sure signal serial number:
Date of birth:
Light sequence displayed on your Sure Signal device:

Link to the original post or thread:





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Thanks, I have just replied to you by private message.
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