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I recently moved over to Siro 1gb fibre broadband and am extremely disappointed with the WiFi signal in my home. The router was installed in the sitting room and the signal is fine in that room only, but anywhere else in the house you get no signal or it drops as soon as you leave the room. I suspect the problem is with the poor choice of the Vodafone Gigabox router supplied during the install. I never had any issues throughout my home with the 100mb DSL connection with a Sky router installed. I have read the other posts on this forum and am a bit shocked to hear suggestions from Vodafone to install boosters around the house to resolve this issue. The problem clearly rests with the poor signal from the Gigabox router supplied. 



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I'm sorry to hear this, if you are still experiencing issues with your home broadband; I would advise calling our dedicated technical team on freephone 1907 (option 2) where they can troubleshoot with you directly over the phone. You will need to call them from a mobile phone when you are at home and have your Vodafone At Home customer account number available.




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