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Sending Email using a Vodafone Internet connection

If you use an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird, and having recently changed to a Vodafone Internet connection (either Home or Mobile Broadband) you now find you are unable to send email then a simple change of settings will resolve the problem.

If you can access webpages and are able to receive but not send any email then you need to change the outgoing mail (SMTP) server details of your email client accordingly.

The outgoing mail (SMTP) server address for a Vodafone Ireland connection is

Choose from one of the following links to download a PDF showing detailed instructions on how to re-configure your email client.

Outlook Express
Windows Mail (Vista)
Outlook 2003
Outlook 2007


Mac Mail 2.x
Mac Mail 3.x
Mac Mail 4.x

If you are unsure which version of Apple Mac Mail you are using :
1. From the menu bar at the top of the screen, click Mail then About Mail from the drop down menu.
2. The popup window will show what version of Mac Mail your computer is running.


Mozilla Thunderbird 3

Click here to upgrade to the latest version of Thunderbird for free.


If you are not currently using your Vodafone Internet connection but instead using a different Internet Service Provider (ISP) to connect to the Internet you will need to contact them to find out the correct SMTP mail server to use . In order to send emails using an email client such as Outlook you must use the outgoing mail server (SMTP) your ISP provides because other mail servers will not accept mail from people who are not customers. Each time you connect to the Internet in a different location you may be changing ISP and as a result you will need to change your SMTP server setting.
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Re: Sending Email using a Vodafone Internet connection

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Hi Daz,


Thank you for this guide which you have posted. Smiley Happy My apologies for requiring further clarification on the topic. I would like to prepare for this issue should it arise for me once my Home Broadband is transfered from Eir to Vodafone, (in a couple of weeks time approx.), I am using a Windows 7 laptop.


Having consulted the webpage link I am running into confusion with the step-by-step guide. Smiley Embarassed


(i) On starting Outlook I cannot find any toolbar to establish either what version I have or to change (SMTP) server details.


(ii) I have opened the homepage, my personal Outlook email account, and even Microsoft Word 2010, but cannot find the toolbar refered to in the guide. Smiley Very Happy


Hopefully, my confusion might prove, (if neccessary), a suggestion on how to possibly alter the step-by-guide instructions for some customers.


Thanks for your further assistance with this matter Daz. Smiley Happy 

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