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Phone number wrong

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Well, thanks to John in customer service, who after over half an hour on the phone a couple of days ago agreed that the bill was wrong and also escalated the issue, even though I had been told it had been escalated on a couple of previous contacts, it hadn't been.  I got a call back from John, also a first, to let me know they had discovered the issue and hoped we should see resolution to the problem by end of next week.

I feel confident this could be the end of two months without a fully working home phone.


Thank you John!

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Gone two months now without a  home phone. Smiley Mad

Wondering how expensive it's going to be to call America, Australia and Italy family memebers using our mobiles.


Merry Christmas. Smiley Sad

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The new bill.


Again, only paying €20 for working internet and no working home phone since install on 20th October 2018.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Kevin,
Sorry to hear that this is not yet resolved - to note, we are offering free calls and SMS from Vodafone mobiles today.


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Today, for the first time since Siro installed on 20th October, we have been able to dial out AND receive incoming calls to our old number.

If still working tomorrow I will change status to solved. Phew.

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