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My housemate signed us up for vodafone wifi. We were informed appointments are only available between 9 and 5, monday to friday. We all work full time and have no option to work from home or take time off and have long commutes so are out from 7.30am until 7pm.


She took a call from a technician the other day who informed her that it would be no problem, an out of hours technician would be available to set up the connection. The phone call cut off and when she tried to ring back they told her that there was nothing they could do, she has tried ringing the call centre who inform her that there is no possibility to do it outside of those hours.


We are at a bit of a loss as we have entered into a contract and started paying already. Surely we are the only people with this prediciment.


Kind regards


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Hi Chloe,


Sorry for the delay in our reply. Unfortunately we only provide appointments in the times you've outlined.


Apologies that we can't be more accommodating around your working hours.




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