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Vodafone Support,


Very disappointed with the level of service we are currently receiving with our fixed line broadband.


The service has been dropping in and out over the past month with multiple phone calls to your support line.

The DSL keeps dropping out and will come back after 5-10 minutes to then drop out again after another 10 minutes.


We have reset the modem, recevied a new modem, and were recently told it was caused by a Vodafone outage which is apparently now resolved. 


After calling your support line again this evening, I was told that one of the managers, Zac or Jack would call back but never recieved a call.


We have been offered 5GB of mobile data to hotspot to our phones which is not a vaiable solution as there is only one bar of 3G coverage and can not maintain a connection.


Our son is home from Australia for 2 months and is trying to work from home and is completely unable and has resorted to having to go to a local hotel for Wifi during the day. 


As we see no resolve in the situation and you are unable to offer the service we are paying for, please advise how we can cancel the contract without an early termination fee so we can move to a new provider (Eir) who are offering fibre services to our region now. 




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Hi there,


I'm sorry to hear this feedback. I'll take a look into this for you, can you send a private message with your account number, address & DOB, along with a link to this thread so we can take a loo?


- Aoife

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