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No Broadband or Voice for over 55 hours and counting

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Since Monday 12 February I have had no voice or data on my Landline. I have telephoned customer support 3 times thus far. I requested to speak to a member of Management today, to register a formal complaint. I was told "no manager is available" but that I would be called back.  6 hours later - I'm still waiting.


I would like to request a COMPLAINT REFERENCE NUMBER now.  This is unacceptable, I am a paying customer without broadband and voice telephony, trying to run a business from home now for 3 days straight. I will not be fobbed off by dismal customer service reps - and management who can't return a call.




Provide me with a COMPLAINT REFERENCE NUMBER now so I can escalate this appaling customer service.

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In total my broadband and phone was out for a total of 6.5 days. Absolutely no reply to my online request for support. Evidence that vodafone really don't care. I am lodging a formal complaint today. This post will be included in the complaint.


The lack of support or reply is absolutely appalling. I will be taking my business to Eir at the outage.


For anyone considering using Vodafone as a serice provider - don't. This thread is evidence of the kind of support you can expect.


6 and a half DAYS outage !! 

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Hi there,


Apologies for the delay in responding, I can see that this issue was resolved within our service level agreement and a 5gb data bundle was applied to your mobile account free of charge while we worked to resolve this issue on your home broadband account.


As per our terms & conditions below, Vodafone will use reasonable skill and care but cannot guarantee fault free service.


26.  In supplying the Services, Vodafone will use reasonable skill and care but cannot guarantee fault free performance. Vodafone does not warrant that the Services will be suitable for specific customer applications, that the operation of the Services will be uninterrupted or error-free or that the Services will support or be compatible with any applications or other services which the Customer uses in conjunction with the Services.


27.  Due to the wide range of causes of faults, many of them outside of Vodafone’s control, it is not possible for Vodafone to fix a particular fault in a guaranteed time frame. However, Vodafone will use all reasonable endeavours to repair faults in a timely fashion. There are no compensation and refund arrangements which apply if targeted service quality levels are not met, the service is provided on a best effort basis.


If you would like to request a complaints reference number and raise a formal complaint, you will be required to follow our online process linked here.






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My service went out on Monday 12th Feb in the AM. And was not resolved until Sunday 19th Feb in the late PM. I make that 6.5 days. But lets subtract the 0.5 and call it 6 days.  Although service was out since sometime around 11am or 12pm, it wasn't reported to Vodafone until evening (as I mistakenly hoped perhaps service might naturally be restored).


In respect of the 5GB data bundle - that was applied because asked for it.  It was never offered. I had to make multiple calls to speak to someone to request that. Naturally I had to use my mobile phone as a Hotspot during the outage. I think 5GB of data is the very least that Vodafone could do. (when prompted by a dissatified customer). 


In fairness, the nice gentleman I spoke to did indeed do that immediately after my suggestion.


With respect to: "There are no compensation and refund arrangements which apply if targeted service quality levels are not met, the service is provided on a best effort basis". 


I do understand that, Vodafone is not the network owner, and are basically "at the mercy" of 3rd parties when it comes to fault finding and fixing. Yet Vodafone never seem to fail to take money from my account?  Perhaps I should adopt this "best effort" basis in my monthly payments ?


Yes a complaint has already been emailed in with a valid complaint number. I'm waiting for a response to that complaint at the moment, while I look into alternative service options in my area.


Up to this outage, I have been fairly happy with the unbroken service by Vodafone. Pity it was such a huge interruption in this case - very disruptive. 


Thanks Aisling for taking the time to respond.



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