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New phone not connecting to Sure Signal

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My wife got a new phone over Christmas. She retained her existing phone number but had to get a new SIM. We've updated her MyVodaone account with the new IMEI number about two weeks ago.  Her new phone is not connecting to the SureSignal device we have.Her old phone using the same phone number was able to connect just fine. My phone connects to the SureSignal device correctly, so I'm thinking it has to be caused by the fact a new phone is in use with the same phone number. 


I've emailed the Sure Signal Provisioning Team at and they advised me that they refreshed the phone list sync'd to the SureSignal. However the phone still doesn't connnect to the SureSignal.


Is it possible to have this looked into?




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Hi there,


If you private message (via the link in my signature) over the mobile number in question, I can look into this for you?




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Thanks for the assistance Ashling. This is now resolved. 


For anyone who has any similar issues the problem was seemingly caused by lack of compatibilty between LTE networks and the SureSignal device. This is enabled by default on Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 on the Samsung Galaxy A3. LTE was enabled in this location:


Settings  > Mobile networks > Network mode > LTE/3g/2g/ (auto connect)


I switched the setting to 3g/2g/ (auto connect ) and restarted the phone. This resolved the problem. 



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Hi Aisling can you help me to udpate 3 new mobile numbers to my sure signal account, i have been onto tech support and customer service and i have emailed ssieprov@vodafone but all my mails have bounced back.

thank you


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