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Issues with router,tv constantly freezing and no resolution

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I changed to vodafone fibre broadband awhile back and i availed of the multiroom add on as a package deal!

Since i changed to the fibre connection
The technician that installed the cable from the esb box was very untidy and as it was at the front door it looked unsightly. I asked him to tidy it up and he looked at me like i had 2 heads!

The modem went faulty which they replaced

The speed was no where it was supposed to be -spent anywhere from 30- 50 mins on the phone to customer support running around powering on and off various units on numerous occasions

The biggest issue is that i have cctv connected the modem and everytime i have an issue with the modem its hard reset and looses all the settings. I have to get cctv company to call out to setup as im not IT savy which costs me €75 a go. €225 out of pocket to date and its seems the modem needs to be changed again who foots this bill as its a hardware issue all the time is there an alternative modem available as theyre not up to scratch

Im just sick of it so called high speed connection and all it does is give issues


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Hi Paul,


We're really sorry to hear you're experiencing an issue. Your best bet would be to get in touch with our dedicated tech team on 1907 option 2, they can help you troubleshoot this over the phone.


- Aoife

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