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Internet keeps restarting constantly at a certain time everyday

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I was meaning to make this post about 6 months ago but it stopped happening for a few months and now it started happening again in the last 2 weeks and its really annoying.


So everyday from 7:30pm to 12am the internet restarts itself every 5mins and I can't do anything. When it restarted, I just reconnected and I got the log of what happened, here is a screenshot of the log:


I hope that someone can help me resolve this isuue.


Thank you!

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Hi there,


If you're still experiencing issues with your home broadband; I would advise calling our dedicated technical team on freephone 1907 (option 2) where they can troubleshoot with you directly over the phone. You will need to call them from a mobile phone when you are at home and have your Vodafone At Home customer account number available.
I would also suggest resetting your modem. You can do this by using a small pin and pushing in the small reset button to the right of the power lead input on the back of the device.





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