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Huawei HG556a User Manual

Click here to a download a PDF version of the user manual for the Huawei EchoLife HG556a Home Gateway.

To access the web-based configuration utility of the modem use the following address:

When prompted for login details use the following:

User name : admin

Password: VF-IRhg556

On newer versions of the firmware, the username and password have changed to:

Username: advanced
Password: advanced
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Hi everyone,

I just bought the HG556a router modem, and strangely enough it hadn't the CD Software?

So my reason for creating vodafone the account is that I needed someone to upload/post for me a link to go and download the whole setup software files? Maybe we could use sendspace?

May I please be assisted?

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Re: ge

ramphalile - you don't need any software to install the modem/router. The same goes for most other modems/routers. Literally, all you need to do is connect it up, and then connect your computer either by Ethernet cable or through WiFi. If it's WiFi, you'll get the WPA (WPA-PSK AES) key (aka WiFi password) on the back of the modem. If you do need to change settings, you can do this via the modem's internal firmware, which has an integrated web interface. You can access this by going to once connected. You'll also find the username and password for the web interface on the back of the modem.

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Re: ge

[ Edited ]

Hi there ramphalile,

Sorry I actually missed your post so couldn't reply but Julian M. is correct and you can also check out through here: - latest update , but the 2012 update for the modem has had some problems with certain users but I wouldn't recommend installing the update but that is completely up to you. The update in this post was dated back 2010 , New Zealands Update is currently the one thats stable at the moment but it is advised you run the update made in your own country.


Sadiq Redmond,

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