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HG658C - FW V100R001C172B235 - Local Web Interface compromised

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I have an HG658C - FW as above. Was having some issues with my service so I reset it to default settings this morning and normal service was resumed so proceeded to rebuild my Wifi config and set the fixed IP that I need etc.


So everything is fine until I change the IP of the router (from default to, I re-target my browser to .204 and the password screen is displayed, log in, and then I am offered to change the default password.


At this point, whether you skip this option, or change the password and submit, the following screen simply displays the Vodafone red banner across the top with a Help Button (inactive) and Logout button on the extreme right. There is no content displayed other than this, and try as I have, every time I change from the default to the new IP, hitting this screen after you log in again, is unavoidable. I've reset and repeated this behaviour numerous time and the result is always the same.


So while the box appears to be working fine, unless I leave the default IP in place, I have no access to the web interface so cannot check status or change settings unless i do the full reset again. It did not behave like this before so I presume this new behaviour is as a result of a firmware update that was pushed to my box fairly recently.


Any experience of this issue or how to resolve please? Thanks.

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Doh! In answer to my own question, this was a brower issue. Problem presents on Chrome but everything is displaying correctly in EDGE. 


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That's great to hear Smiley Happy If you experience any further issues, please don't hesitate to contact us here.




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