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Google Play Store not opening

Posted from Samsung SM-A310F
Hi, just enquiring on behalf of my Mum who's play store won't open. She carried out a factory reset on her vodafone smart mini 7 due to a glitch advised to her by a Vodafone sales person. The phone wouldn't answer calls properly and so was told a factory reset would fix this. Now the play store won't open at all, seems as if the phone has updated model or something? Already cleared the cache, tried a new google account etc. Nothing is working!! Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.
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Re: Google Play Store not opening



Check out this link: This has potential solutions to your mum's issue. If that doesn't work, send a PM to @Ashling@Heather, or @Daz and make sure to include the following:


Your mum's mobile number:

Your mum's address:

Your mum's date of birth:

The link to this thread:


Just as a side note, make sure to post your messages in the right forum. This forum is for Vodafone at Home, not mobiles. This thread belongs in Other Devices.

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