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Have gigabit broadband at home and at work however on both we are only getting speeds of around 100M. This is connected through ethernet cable.  Is there any upgrades been done that is slowing the speed down in the Dundalk area?


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Please login to modem and Go to Status & Support and scoll down , you can see the LAN connection speed. If your laptop only has 100Mbps LAN connection you will get only that speed. If your laptop connected on 1000Mbps and still you are getting only 100Mbps speed then there is some issue with the internet.

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No the laptop is connected at a 1000, I had al ready checked that. What I'm finding is that I can connect to the wifi on the phone I get 500+. However if any device I use the ethernet ports (2 different PCs) on the router, it show's a 1000 connection but an internet speed of less than a 100.  

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If you're still experiencing issues with your broadband speeds, we would recommend that you get in touch with our dedicated tech team on 1907 (option 2) as they will need to troubleshoot with you directly over the phone.




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